Saturday, September 6, 2008

Furniture for our house

When we moved into our new house this last week we had our bed, Dakota's bed, 2 desk chairs and a dresser for Dakota. With the move we decided to get rid of our Entertainment Center, Large Desk/Hutch and a couple of dressers - all of which we have had for about 8 years.

Needless to say, we needed furniture. We also needed lots of kitchen items and just regular everyday household items. Over the last six years we have given all of our belongings away to the kids as they have gotten their own homes or we sold stuff at yard sales or we just gave it to Goodwill -- so now we are starting over. It's been a lot of fun this last week going shopping everyday!

Last weekend we got caught up in the "spending" and ALMOST made a big mistake - something we said we were not going to do. We know what kind of dining room table we want. This is the picture of what we are looking for -
We have an idea about the living room set but we thought we would look around at different furniture stores to price couches, etc. We went to Rooms To Go. They had this table there!! It costs $700. We also found a sectional/ottoman we liked ($1500) so we talked to somebody about how much it would cost to get both sets.

After the saleslady did her figuring she came back and told us we could pay taxes and delivery charges only ($440) and then we would have 90 days interest free to pay off the balance. After the 90 days of course the interest would be something like 18%...I don't remember exactly now.
Greg was ready to go ahead and do this until he found out that:
  1. the table was not in stock and wouldn't be available until Sept 9th
  2. they were charging separate delivery charges for each piece even though all pieces were coming to the same house! (This really irked Greg! LOL)
He was getting more perturbed the more the sales lady talked so I asked her to give us a few minutes. When she walked away I told him I was not comfortable with this deal. I would rather just pay for everything outright. With what she was "offering" we were going to be putting out over $400 and not even paying for any of the actual furniture! That was insane!
After he thought about it some more he realized the same now we are back to paying for everything with cash.

We have picked up matching dressers for Greg and I, a new desk and shelving system for Dakota and we found a resource for discounted living room furniture. I went by there the other day and checked prices and was extremely impressed with what he had to offer so when we are ready to pay CASH for our sectional I know where to go for the best price in town.

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Claire said...

And don't forget, CASH TALKS. Do not offer to pay full price if you have cash in your pocket. Always offer less. Even retail furniture stores will take a lower price if they get cash right then. Learned that little tidbit from Dave Ramsey. :-)