Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Beauty Pageant

Tina entered Bailee in a beauty pageant. That's one reason I am here in GA visiting with them for the week. She wanted me to come up and see Bailee all dolled up. She won't be 2 until November but she LOVES to dress up!

She sat so still through Tina and I putting her hair in curlers and she just stared at herself in the mirror. She was adorable!
Her other grandma (Bryant's mom) bought her dress and shoes last weekend when they were visiting. It was gorgeous on Bailee!
Bailee looked so cute up there on the stage. She walked up there the first time and sat right down in the middle and spread her dress out for everybody to see. She looked like a little princess.
Bailee got a trophy for Honorable Mention...she was so excited! She ran off the stage and over to me and her daddy to show it to us. She kept carrying it around all evening - she was proud of her trophy!