Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am feeling tremendously blessed these days! Oooey, gooey, sappy mushy blessed to where Greg & Dakota are tired of hearing me talk about how happy I am. I know this because Dakota told me so last night. Hmmph! I'll just sit by myself and blog about it then and my two or three readers out there can listen to my sappiness! LOL

We have a couple who we are really good friends with. The man works at Lowe's. He is always picking up great deals for their home on clearance...really awesome clearance! We had asked him awhile back to keep his eyes open for us for a shed - because we need somewhere to keep our outside belongings since we don't have a garage.

He called about a month ago and asked if we needed lamps because they had just marked down lamps to a ridiculously low price and if we needed some we better come in and get them. This was the weekend we were staying out at the beach house which was really far away from Lowe's so I asked him if he could pick out a couple pairs for us. I told him I'm not picky - I just need lamps and he said if we didn't like them we could return them anyway. His wife thought this was hilarious because he has never picked out lamps for their own home, much less for somebody else! But she said he took great pride in choosing our new lamps!! When we went to go pick up the lamps a few weeks ago (and pay for them) they would not accept our money - instead they gave them to us as a gift.

I think he did a wonderful job picking out our new bedroom lamps (which is temporarily sitting on my printer until I purchase a new desk/hutch combo).....
and our new living room lamps (yet another temporary location...the floor amidst boxes) what do you think? He did a nice job didn't he?
This weekend Greg was on call. He didn't have to go in to work Saturday but he got called in at 4 am yesterday and had to work until about 1:00. After Dakota and I got out of church we went by to pick Greg up and he told me we needed to run by his parents house because they had something for us. We went to eat lunch first and they called again to see where we were...they said it looked like it was going to rain and our "gift" was outside and they didn't want it to get wet.

On the way over there Greg said "I bet they got me a lawnmower" - he keeps borrowing their lawnmower.

I said "no, they wouldn't worry about that getting wet, I bet they got us a piece of furniture."

Greg said "Really?? You think so??"


TA-DA --- they blessed us with a dining room table set!!!!
Greg and Dakota assembled it (while I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs)
Isn't it beautiful??!!
We had our first meal at our dining room table last night

The table is sitting out kind of far from the wall right now because I wasn't expecting to have a table here so soon and I had all my Albums and scrapbooking supplies in the Dining Area. So now my project for today is to move all of this.............Oh geez...why do I have to have so many albums?? These things are sooo heavy! I was hoping to leave them there until I bought a cabinet or bookcase to put them in and move them ONE time. Doesn't look like that's going to happen now - I don't want to take the chance of food getting spilled on them. Say a prayer for my back today! :-)


Hunny Bee said...

So cool!! And to think you almost bought a table and chairs, right? Go ahead and enjoy all the ooey gooey feelings. I'll be happy to hear all about it!

Ashleigh (pcolamom) said...

Yeah for your new table. I am happy for you guys! Your blog is such and inspiration to me, I enjoy hearing about your happiness.

Claire said...

Girl, you have every right to those ooey gooey've been tremendously blessed! :-)

Yeah, you are a nutty scrapbooker, I think. I don't even have one whole album's gonna take years, I tell you, years. Why don't you post some pics of your scrapbook pages sometime! I'd love to see 'em.

Rebekah said...

What great blessings. I love your lamps