Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who doesn't love kitchen appliances??

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Are you one of those people who loves gadgets and gizmos for your kitchen? I have to be very careful about what I purchase to use in my own kitchen only because I don't have the space to store all the things I would like to buy. Shopwiki is a terrific website to help when you are looking for kitchen appliances.

Most search websites will only show you sales from stores that have paid to put their ads on that particular website. Shopwiki crawls the entire web to show you everything!

Recently I was in the need for a blender. This is no simple task for me. When I want to purchase something like this, I read consumer reviews and compare prices at as many stores as I can so I can get the best price possible. Shopwiki was an excellent source to turn to because they gave me a ton of information, Good Housekeeping recommendations and then all the prices they could find on whichever appliance I was interested in.

I ended up choosing a blender which has a food processor attachment (since I didn't have one of those yet either) and I have used both pieces and been extremely happy with both!
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