Monday, June 15, 2009


Meet DoDoMan...

He looks vaguely similar to my son Dakota doesn't he (underneath all that hair anyway)!?

Last week when my 2-yr-old granddaughter, Bailee, was staying with me we were attending Vacation Bible School every evening at church. Our VBS starts on Sunday nights and runs through Thursdays with the commencement on Friday. The youth have a choice of helping at VBS or going off-site to somebody's house to swim, eat and have a Bible study of their own. Dakota stayed at church to help on Sunday and went off-site the rest of the week.

When the activities were over Sunday evening I picked Bailee up from her classroom and took her into the closing ceremony. She loved going in there every evening and dancing and watching the kids sing and dance.
After it was over I told her we needed to go find "Kotaman" - I am in the habit of calling Dakota -- "Kotaman."

He was in another building helping the teachers set up for the next night. When we walked in and saw him in there Bailee said in her very loud voice "Dere he is! DoDoMan!!"

Due to the laughter and cute reaction she received from calling him that, she has now decided that is his permanent name.