Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Learning

I've always homeschooled Dakota. For the most part he is where he needs to be "compared" to kids his age except for his math skills. He struggles with that and I struggle with how to teach it to him. I've been considering putting him in a summer program to jump start those math skills...I know he'll hate it but he'll thank me for it later. :-)

What about ya'll? Have any of you readers put your kids in any summer math programs before? What did you think?

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Rebekah said...

I took Josh to Sylvan Learning center a few summers ago for help in English. It was a pain in my rear but worth it for him.
I had to drive an hour to get him there so they scheduled his two hours for the same day instead of me having to drive him two different days.

Moms Fighting Fat said...

Geesh, it's always "math" isn't it? Forget how much a child knows when it comes what they're passionate about (which, in some cases, they have more knowledge than adults who could care less about those subjects), oh no...math rules the world.

I really, really hate the priority math is given. Don't you?

I've never enrolled the kids in a summer math program. Dakota is a bright young man, I think he'll do fine in the class. :-)

Claire said...

It is always math! I hated it in school, and unfortunately it's the one subject in which my kids are pretty far behind. We're working on it, but it took getting tutors for both of them. My mom tutors my daughter, and a friend from our hs group tutors my son.

Also? I've realized, neither of my kids will ever be in a career that requires advanced math skills, so I won't be forcing that issue. The boy wants to be a pastor, and the girl is looking at some kind of career in the performing arts. If they change their goals, they can always take advanced math later.