Friday, November 16, 2007

Thirty Day Challenge

Back in the summertime when I initially started this blog it was with the intention of following our progress as we work our way out of debt and into our first home. I've not posted about that too much since that time even though I work on it daily. For the last several months most of what I've done has been "learning the ropes" so to speak. I am AMAZED at all the information out there! It is simply mind-boggling! Sorting through the legitimate information and the "scams" is a job in and of itself!!

Well, in my research about a month ago, I came across this website - Thirty Day Challenge and I signed up to receive the emails from the guy but then I got busy and never did anything beyond glancing at his website. The premise behind it is "Can you earn $10.00 online in 30 days and not spend zac....?" (zac - I'm assuming is money? LOL)

Okay, my first thought is $10.00 in 30 days - are you serious?! I can earn that in no time by filling out surveys, selling on eBay, etc. But....I didn't fill out surveys because frankly I hate doing that AND I quit selling on eBay because I just got tired of dealing with the customers and their questions/comments/problems/complaints/whatever.

So I decided since I didn't have to spend any money what could I lose by trying this challenge out? I am only on the Pre-Season content (been doing this for 3 days!) and it is AMAZING what I have learned so far about my computer, browser and everything it can do for me. I am simply blown away! I can't wait to get through the rest of this Challenge!!!

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