Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Miscommunication at its best (worst?)

Last year I started an email prayer chain for our church. Over the last six months there have been more and more people contacting me wanting to be added to this email list. I have started using this email list to mail out Calendar Information, Announcements and any other pertinent information that needs to get out. If people can't reach me by email they call me to get the word out...which is what happened today.

I received a call this afternoon from a friend of mine at church, a young lady who was calling me from the waiting room at the hospital to let me know that her husband's grandmother had just passed away (during surgery) and her husband was enroute to the hospital along with their children - she was worried about him driving because he was so distraught over the news - his grandmother raised him and they were extremely close. I talked to her for a few minutes and offered words of comfort and told her I was on my way home and as soon as I arrived home I would get the word out.

After hanging up with her, I immediately called our church secretary to let her know what was going on so she could get the word to our pastor. She told him and he and one of the deacons raced to the hospital. Meanwhile I get home and email everyone (over 200 people in my church contact list) letting them know what has happened. I then proceed to work on something else and don't get a chance to go back to check my email before I leave for church.

When I get to church for our Wed. Night Supper, the secretary greets me at the door chuckling and asked me if I received the pastor's email reply to the one I sent out....I tell her no, I haven't been back in my email since I sent it out. My phone begins to ring at the same time she starts talking to me and it is my friend (who lost her grandmother) and before I answer it the secretary tells me this....when the pastor got to the hospital he found out that the grandmother DID NOT DIE after all!! There was a miscommunication between the hospital & the family! I quickly answered my phone and heard the story from my friend and couldn't believe that had happened to them - the grandmother was still in serious condition but she was alive!

At the end of choir practice tonight we normally have a short time of prayer requests/praises before we pray and go home....I took that opportunity to ask everyone "Did ya'll get the email about (my friend's) grandmother dying?" Most everyone shook their head and said yes and there were murmurs of "that's sad" and things like that. The music minister knew the truth and he looked at me and smiled...then I said "well I just want you all to's a miracle, your prayers worked! She's alive!" LOL

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Sniz said...

What a wonderful story and a clever ending!