Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Tina & Felicia

My girls are TWENTY years old today! This is the first year they are apart from each other and from me for their birthday. One of them lives in Hawaii and one of them lives in CA. They are both married with children of their own.

When I called and talked to Tina to tell her happy birthday she was very sad because her husband wasn't making a "big deal" of her birthday - like we always did. I explained to her that she needs to tell him what she wants - don't play games with him - just tell him if she wants to go out to eat or have friends over or whatever. She thought he should just know what to do like she does. Such a sensitive girl. My sweetheart! They've almost been married 2 years (in February) but her husband was in Iraq so they have only lived together since March of this year - they are still getting used to each other.

Then I called to talk to Felicia and she & her husband and kids were just spending the day together because that is what she wanted to do today. She's been married for almost 4 years already and is used to "telling her husband what she wants/doesn't want."

I sure have missed my girls today - and this weekend in general...Happy Birthday sweeties!

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Sniz said...

I hear you on the "telling him what you want instead of expecting him to know." I still struggle with wanting him to "just know" after 15 years of marriage!