Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I believe WINTER has finally set in!!

Brrrrrrrr....Oh my goodness it's cold outside! Two days ago it was in the 80's! MY kind of weather. Guess we have a cold front coming through though because last night the temps dropped quickly. We went to a softball game at 8:00 last night and my husband warned me it was supposed to get cold. I grabbed one of my hoodies, another lightweight outer coat (just in case I needed it) and a small blanket to throw over my legs...let me tell you it was NOT enough! We sat there and literally froze to death. Thank goodness I still had my gloves shoved in my outercoat from last season so my hands were a little warm.

I'll never understand how the weather can be in the 80's one day and drop to the 30's the next?! One nice thing about FL weather...this won't last but a couple of days and we'll be seeing 70's again...ahhhhhh

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