Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Operation Christmas Child

While we were in church Sunday we found out that a group of performers from the church were going to a school on Wednesday to do a skit during a program for "Samaritan's Purse." This is the organization that sponsors Operation Christmas Child - the shoebox ministry at Christmas time that many churches get involved in!! Our church is very involved in this ministry - we collect hundreds of boxes to mail off every Christmas so this was an exciting opportunity to be able to witness firsthand the "other side" of this ministry. Since we all had obligations every day we all couldn't go - so only 3 of us went as long as our "jobs" were covered. Charlotte, another team member was definitely going to go because her job back in the States is at a large local church which is the regional collection & distribution center for these shoeboxes - she was so thrilled at the chance to be involved in this!
After lunch on Wednesday we headed out to this school. When we got there we saw the Army outside the school - the boxes were on the truck. We found out the boxes are kept under lock and key by the military over there!! They guard them and deliver them to all the schools! The kids had no idea they were getting these. There are so many schools in Montes Claros that the schools are on a 5-yr rotation for boxes. So this school we were in won't receive boxes again for another 5 years!! I had no idea! The kids were so thrilled with WHATEVER they received in their boxes. This girl got this winter doesn't get cold enough there for her to need that....but look at the smile on her face! She loved it!!
There was such an excitement in the air - it was such a rare blessing to be able to hand out these gifts to these children and then to be there with them as they opened them. I thank God for that opportunity to witness this!

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