Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brazil Trip Funny - Attack of the Charter Bus Toilet

During my trip to Brazil, on Friday (our last day there to do mission work) we spent the whole day in small cities prayer walking and doing door-to-door evangelism. There was nowhere to use the bathroom all day EXCEPT on the charter bus! By the time we left the last city at 8:00 p.m. to drive 1 1/2 hours back to Monte Claros the sewage smell emanating from the back of the bus hit ya as soon as you entered the front of the bus! It was overpowering!!

There was a group of us that normally flocked to the back of the bus everytime we boarded...but NOT this time! We generally saved the front seats for the "older" ones in the group - we ALL moved up as close to the front of the bus as we could. It didn't help much. We were grabbing Kleenex, Vick's inhalers or whatever we could to cover our noses to keep from smelling the horrible stench!!

Our pastor and the missionary just kept laughing at us saying they had never seen a team look quite like us before...but they looked as bad as we did! They would stand up and stick their heads up by the luggage rack where the air was coming out of the AC vents and breathe the air from the vents!! LOL
Me and our youth pastor Jesse are dying from the smell!! Then everyone is laughing so hard it makes it worse because I have to breathe harder through my laughing.

There was a box at the back of the bus that somebody needed to go get but nobody wanted to risk it!! Finally, our worship minister stuck his Vick's inhaler up one nostril and the lid to the inhaler up the other nostril and he ran back there and grabbed the box real quick....what a trooper he was!

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