Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A new friend!

When I found out who I was going to be rooming with on this mission trip my first thought was "Oh great! This is going to be like rooming with my daughter!" I had originally requested to room with another woman, a friend who is more my age and someone I have known for about 6 years but due to circumstances beyond her control she had to back out of the trip at the last minute which left me rooming with Miranda...who is a young woman not much older than my eldest child. We had only spoken a couple of times at church so we were not what you would even call acquaintances! THAT WAS BEFORE THIS TRIP! I thank God for putting us together. We had the best time getting to know one another and by the end of our two weeks together we were inseparable.
Miranda loves kids/babies as much as I do. We both flocked to the children and they flocked to us. We worked so well together!! These babies were cousins that were 4 days apart in age. We were never on the same team together technically but we managed to work it around so we could work with kids together a couple of times. Miranda covered for me so I could participate in the Operation Christmas Child project!

This is Jadson - one of our interpretors we loved joking around with. He was so much fun!! He, Miranda and I laughed constantly.

This is our hotel room in Bello - where we stayed the last two nights before heading home. There was a queen-sized bed and a twin-sized bed in the room. We convinced Lo to stay with us in our room these two nights instead of going by bus back and forth to her home (an hour away) so the three of us roomed together the last 2 nights. We had some late nights staying up talking and laughing. It was a wonderful time!

Since we've come back home, Miranda and I have continued our is great to have a friend who "understands" what it's like to want to go back overseas and to know we have one another as a prayer partner. I probably would NEVER would have gotten to know Miranda on my own due to our age differences and the fact that she is single with no kids and I am married with kids/grandkids! Didn't think we would have anything in common!! LOL

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Sniz said...

This is such an encouraging thought...there are so many people I wouldn't think of for a friend because we are too dissimilar, but I love the idea of finding friendship so unexpectedly. Thanks for sharing!