Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brazil Trip Funny - Attack of the Bidet

Not sure if I had mentioned this in a previous post or not but in Brazil you can not put toilet paper in the toilet...the sewer system is not set up for any kind of paper products to go down the drains over there. So with that said - bidets are a common sight in hotels. However, in our first hotel we stayed at the majority of the week we only had a toilet and a "water hose bidet" not a bidet which is pictured here. In our 2nd hotel we had this lovely creation. LOL
Now let me set the scene for you...
We have just arrived in Bello Horizonte after spending all week in Monte Claros - we've been on a bus for the last 8-9 hours (bumpy roads, crazy drivers, etc) and this hotel is very nice! We get off on the 6th floor and we discover that there are only 6 rooms on this floor - all the rooms are in a little box shape around the elevator and members of our team are occupying 5 of the 6 rooms. This is great! We leave our doors open and just walk in and out of each other's rooms...the missionary we are working with all week gets off on our floor one time and comments "Uh-oh, I can see this is the party floor!" We are loving this! So we are all exploring our rooms and checking out the amenities and Miranda and I happen to notice the bidet in the bathroom...and this bidet is not like the "water hose" bidet in our last hotel we were in. We both have to go to the bathroom pretty bad at this point since we've been on the charter bus ALL DAY and everyone avoided using that bathroom - trying to avoid the disastrous events from the previous day's overuse - so Miranda states she is going to go to the bathroom BUT FIRST she says "Let's check out the bidet! I've never actually seen one of these work." So I follow her in the bathroom and she assumes the position (as shown in the picture above) and she turns it on...
We are both expecting a little sprinkling of water to come out...uh uh, no way...up from this bowl comes a geyser!!! It smacks her in the face, hits the ceiling and then spreads out to soak the entire bathroom!!! Talk about "rolling on the floor laughing my butt off" - that is EXACTLY where my teammates found me when they came running to find out what all the shrieking was about...this was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life! Miranda walked out of the bathroom dripping wet! I still had to USE the bathroom so needless to say I was trying desperately to not "pee my pants!" from laughing so hard.
I can't believe the strength in which that water came out....that would have hurt!!

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