Saturday, August 15, 2009


Greg and I went away for the weekend about a month ago. We drove an 1 1/2 away to a motel on the beach just for some much needed downtime.

On the way to the beach on Friday evening, we were rear-ended in a 3 vehicle accident. It was 5:00 and the traffic was very congested. Greg had just started taking off from a stop and I heard brakes squealing from somewhere behind us. I was just getting these words out of my mouth "What in the heck..." when we heard the boom from the truck hitting the truck behind us, then we FELT the bam from that truck hitting our truck.

Praise God our vehicle only suffered about $1500 damage and it took a couple of days to repair but that's all good. When the accident first happened my neck instantly hurt. I knew it was whiplash and I knew what I needed to do...since we had an accident 4 years ago and I had whiplash much more severe then and went through months of therapy for neck and shoulder injuries. I declined the ride to the hospital in an ambulance because I was not about to get strapped down to that backboard for the next 4 hours and sit in an ER waiting on Xrays just to tell me I had whiplash. I promised the paramedic I would go to the ER if any other symptoms appeared but assured her we were continuing on our mini-vacation.

The whole time they were talking to me, Greg was walking around fine. As the night went on though, he realized his back was starting to hurt. All night Friday night he lay awake unable to sleep because he was in pain. His pain intensified throughout the weekend and he could not sleep at all so we came home first thing Sunday morning with the intention of him going to the doctor (Urgent Care.) Once we got home though, all he wanted to do was sleep...he was he took a couple of muscle relaxers which knocked him out and he slept until the next morning.

Over the last couple of weeks he has had xrays, an MRI and a bone scan done...diagnosis - bulging discs in his back. Pain management doctor and chiropractor are taking care of him now. Wish he could heal as fast as our truck got fixed :-(


Rebekah said...

glad the accident wasnt too serious and I hope Greg is feeling better soon

MOMSWEB said...

Oh my! Bless Greg's heart. He's probably in for a long recovery. Glad I dropped by.

Boom Trucks said...

Gladly none none of you got hurt seriously. Last year i witness these crane trucks accident. Although no one is hurt but many property have been damage for that incident. Surely this will serve lessons for each and everyone of us. We should always be careful while driving.