Friday, February 20, 2009


My twin daughters both celebrate their wedding anniversaries in February. This was not planned. Felicia and Will had a big wedding on Valentine's Day 5 years ago. Tina and Bryant eloped three years ago before he left for Iraq...they didn't even pay attention to what the date was.

It was only afterwards when Felicia pointed it out to Tina that their anniversaries were 3 days apart did Tina realize what she had done. We jokingly refer to that as "the twin thing."

Happy Anniversary Will and Felicia - congratulations on 5 years together! I love you both!
This is their family a couple years ago before they moved to Hawaii.
Allan and Nathan in Hawaii (now) - they are 5 and 3 yrs old
Will and Felicia in Fall 2008 before baby #3 was born
My 3rd grandson - Shawn William born in December 2008
Happy Anniversary Bryant and Tina - congratulations on three years together!! I love you both!!
Even though Bryant and Tina eloped, once he returned from Iraq, they had a small wedding on the beach for friends and family (because WE all wanted it!) - they did it to make us happy.

Now they have their Bailee-boo (Daddy's little girl)...

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