Sunday, February 22, 2009

Addicted to my DVR

Back view of a Series 2 Tivo unitImage via Wikipedia

Image via WikipediaSince we signed up with Direct TV back in September and got a DVR I have gotten completely addicted to this thing! I think that is a bad thing though because I now am watching more TV than I used to. After Greg goes to sleep I will watch TV from about 10-midnight every night.

I justify this by saying "oh I can skip right through the commercials" which shaves off about 15 minutes of every hour's worth of TV programming.

Some of my favorites that I have set to record weekly are:
Brothers & Sisters
Burn Notice
CSI Miami (I am probably one of the few people that really like Horatio husband can't stand him! LOL)
CSI Vegas
CSI New York
American Idol My favorite so far is Danny Gokey
Wife Swap
** Edited to add-- The Beast - forgot about this one until I laid down to watch TV last night and saw it on my playlist. I am amazed at how much Patrick Swayze does in this show as sick as he is!
I love the fact that I can watch these shows online if I (or my DVR) happen to miss an episode!
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Ashleigh said...

My husband likes Horatio Caine too. My favorite is Eric Delko. And Callie Dequesne. (spelling)? =)

I was sad to see ALex, the M.E. leave .

I agree on Danny Gokey on American Idol. He is amazing.

eally said...

LOL, that is funny that your husband likes Horatio! My husband makes fun of the way he cocks his head to the side and takes his glasses off (to solve the case - he says) LOL I like Eric & Callie's characters too.

Rebekah said...

I dont have DVR- but I am sure I could get addicted to it