Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toon-ful Tuesday

Cartoonist's Comment: When we break God's Command, we run head on into sin, which will leave us damaged. But God doesn't want us to remain broken down on the side of the road. We should confess our sin to Him, receive His forgiveness, and get back on the road.


Sniz said...

I just deleted my comment on your last post on the off chance the person who it involved might read it. I hope you don't mind! :-)

Big Doofus said...

It was a really mean and nasty comment about YOU, Elisa. I read it. WOW. She really went off on you. That's just how Miss Sniz rolls.

I hope you picked up on the fact that I'm joking. She'd never say anything mean about anyone unless they made fun of her decorating--then watch out.

eally said...

Oh yes I've picked up on your wit by now DOOFUS! LOL You crack me up!!