Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Dakota!!

My dear son is 11 today! Where does the time go?!

We've been asking him for a couple of months what he would like for his birthday and the answer is always the same "ummm, nothing, except maybe a Wii..."

Yeah, right, like THAT'S gonna happen! This kid already has a Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation and a laptop...a Wii is NOT in the forseeable future. Since he couldn't come up with anything else he wanted we chose to take him and his best friend to a waterpark this weekend. We spent the night in a hotel close to the waterpark so the two of them could swim in the pool all evening and then we spent all day at the waterpark. It was so much fun!! Although I must admit I think we would have had much more fun if we had left his friend at home. His friend was not into riding rides (so Dakota and his daddy or the three of us rode everything together) and he's not very sociable and we had to keep spending time looking for him because he wandered off several times....after the 3rd time of doing this I had had enough and said "That's it! We are leaving!!" Note to self: next time we go we are not taking anybody else!

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