Monday, July 23, 2007

Children & Grandchildren

Tina, Bryant and Bailee came in town on the 14th to visit for 2 weeks. They live in CA now while Bryant is stationed out there in San Diego. Bailee is 9 months old and getting more and more beautiful the older she gets! I am completely mesmerized by her eyes....they are a brilliant blue and she has the longest eyelashes!

We spent yesterday at dad's beach house just hanging out with everyone, grilling out, fishing, kayaking, canoeing - had a great time. I know this next week is going to pass by much too quickly. Bailee is just beginning to get used to all of us and come to us without wanting her mommy as much now. When she first got in town she wouldn't come to us without looking around for Tina - she was a big mommy's girl! LOL

Felicia and the boys are in Hawaii. We haven't seen them since April. We are trying really hard to go see them for Thanksgiving this year if we manage the plane tickets out there. She is raising the boys alone right now because Will has been on a ship for 3 months and has one more month to go. I know she has her good days and bad days being a single mom but praise God she has found a good friend out there who has helped her out with the boys. She is really a great mom!!

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