Friday, October 16, 2009

Trick or Treat the Nutritious Way

Halloween - Trick or Treat - Nutrition

If you are like most parents, nutrition is not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Halloween and trick -or-treating. Halloween has to be the WORST holiday for our children as far as nutrition goes. What kind of "treats" do you give out? Candy, stickers, raisins?

I am so thankful Dakota doesn't like candy; anything we get normally just ends up in the trash after Greg & I pick out a few of our favorites. Dakota isn't the best about brushing his teeth without me constantly reminding him but because he doesn't eat a lot of candy or sugar-laden foods he is blessed with not having to deal with a cavity (so far.)

One other way I try to keep the sugar down to a minimum is by limiting the types of drinks Dakota has. He is allowed juice, unsweet tea, as much bottled water as he wants and milk. Chocolate milk is his favorite! Don't all kids just love chocolate milk?

Did you know you could give out chocolate milk this year as an alternative to all the candy?
Trick or Treat Me has information (and a coupon!) about this boxed chocolate milk that keeps on the shelf until you are ready to refrigerate it. This chocolate milk is by Hershey's and Organic Valley - both trusted names in the dairy industry. Head on over to Twick or Tweet Me to get all the details about this nutritious substitute for Halloween this year.


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MOMSWEB said...

Hmmm...A nutritious Halloween. I never thought about it. Excellent post.