Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girls Weekend in GA

I went on a road trip to GA over the Labor Day weekend to visit Tina and my granddaughter, Bailee. I asked my (ex) sister-in-law, Vickie and her daughter Maddy to go with me so Bailee could spend time with her cousin and we could just have a good "girls weekend" away from our guys.
We got in late Friday night and stayed until Monday morning. The weekend went by way too fast. On Saturday we went into Albany to the Riverquarium by Flint River where they were having a birthday bash celebration.
They had lots of activities set up for the kids including train rides, pony rides, bounce houses, people painting faces, etc.
While we were inside Riverquarium both girls had the chance to pet a snake and an alligator.
Their moms were shocked they did this! Both had had the opportunity to do this once before recently and had passed so to see them both of jump right up with no fear and start petting both of these creatures was funny. In fact, we had to say "okay, that's enough" when they were petting the snake...I think the girl holding it was getting tired of the girls petting it. LOL
It was so incredibly hot outside! We let the girls ride the train, ride a pony and jump in a bounce house but then we decided to go inside the Riverquarium and walk around in the ac. This is Vickie and Maddy at the park beside the Riverquarium.
This was one of those squirting fountains where Bailee played after we came out of Riverquarium - Maddy didn't want to get all wet.
After our day out, Tina cooked a great dinner and invited a couple of girlfriends over to join us. She had made a birthday cake for Vickie (which was DELICIOUS!) and we ate and laughed til late in the evening.
Sunday we finished up the weekend by running to Michael's and grabbing a few items to add to my supplies I brought with me and then we worked on making gifts and stamping all day while the girls played in the pool.

We had a great weekend! It was way too short!!

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